Fashion Flavour & Art 2014

Fashion Flavour & Art Celebrates the Richness of Life in Support of CANSA

2014 Event at Shimansky Diamond Museum at V&A Waterfront

Diamonds Shimansky

Diamonds Shimansky

The event took place at the Shimansky Diamond Museum a collaboration of creative energies shined a light on experiences that inspire and enrich the human spirit.

From fashion and food to jewelry, ceramics and art, FF&A indulged the senses and contrasts styles and tastes by juxtaposing fabulous Haut Couture with Urban textures, robust fruity wines with refined champagne. The high emotion of visual art works with practical 3-dimentional sculptures of daily life.

Jacques Lagrange Couture collection told the story of women who migrated from rural towns to embrace chic city style while still holding onto their black African ethnicity. Heavy beading spun the traditional the tale of love while the ladies’ memories of home were reflected in features borrowed from previous collections.

Gabriela Fraser Designs is a versatile brand appealing to a bold, daring and expressive wearer. A strong bohemian aesthetic paired with a distinct edge is embodied through fit, flow, fun, texture and movement. Although a special affinity for swimwear Gabriela Fraser Designs also offers many ready-to-wear items, bespoke looks, men’s wear and a range of jewellery and accessories.Distinct, edgy, inspired clothing with special attention to detail and quality.

Jewellery by Shimansky. Their philosophy is about creating remarkable and unrivalled diamond and Tanzanite jewelry designs inspired by the special moments in people’s lives.

Art by Shui-lyn White. Half Chinese and half English, born in Nigeria and now living in Cape Town she was brought up on poetry, music and art in the middle of the savannah, triangulated between three world influences in culture, thinking and the arts, Western and African.

Ceramic Artist – Hennie Meyer ukusela ekapa (meaning “Slurp Kaapstad op”, “Drink Cape Town in”) was a WDC2014 project which aimed to connect people across all boundaries by giving them an opportunity to create & share through their unique drinking vessels. Their goal is was to produce 10,000 ceramic drinking cups which are each given the “squeeze” before being presented to Cape Town in a big installation during November 2014.
But what is the “squeeze”? Basically you squeeze the soft ceramic cup with your hand, leaving your unique hand print. Then you sign the bottom with your first name & age and you’re given a key. In November, all those who made their squeeze went and used their key to select a ceramic cup of anyone else who participated in the project. In that way they’re connecting you to another person who you may not know in any other way, but who’s hand print & signature will now be connected to you for as long as you keep your cup…

Have a look at this video created for us by the talented team at Undiscovered Media on last years event:

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