CINDERELLA ON ICE Artscape from 10 January to 28 January 2018

 Pieter Toerien Presents



The Artscape Opera House

10 January – 28 January 2018

The world-famous Imperial Ice Stars, who have won

international critical acclaim and five-star reviews with their

previous tours of The Sleeping Beauty on Ice,

The Nutcracker on Ice, and Swan Lake on Ice, are set to

thrill South African audiences once more with their magical

production, CINDERELLA ON ICE, at The Opera House,

at Artscape from 10 January!

More than three million people across five continents have

greeted The Imperial Ice Stars’ adrenaline infused

performances with standing ovations.

The Imperial Ice Stars have performed at many of the

world’s most prestigious venues, from Sadler’s Wells in

London’s West End to the Esplanade Theatre in

Singapore, and from Montreal’s Place des Arts to

Moscow’s Red Square.

This will be their 7th visit to South Africa where they have

built a huge following of fans over the years.

One of the most artistically challenging ice shows ever

created, CINDERELLA ON ICE is a dramatic new

interpretation of the classic tale, conceived and

choreographed by award-winning ice director Tony Mercer,

together with three of the world’s most respected ice

coaches – Evgeny Platov, dual Olympic gold medallist and

four-time World Champion; and the 2006 & 2007 ice

dancing World Champions Albena Denkova and Maxim


The Imperial Ice Stars specialise in performing theatrical

ice-skating in the intimacy of the theatre. Synonymous with

innovation in the skating world, The Imperial Ice Stars are

renowned for their daring on the ice and unique style of

story telling.

CINDERELLA ON ICE, their third production, continues to

break new ground in the genre of ice dancing. Stunning

skating feats, some only seen in Olympic arenas and

some never attempted before, are performed within the

confines of a frozen theatre stage, including breathtaking

high speed throws and incredible lifts and lift-sequences.

The 24-strong cast of Olympic, World, European and

National Championship level skaters comprise the cream of

Russian skating talent. The majority of the skaters have

been trained by Russia’s leading coaches, some from as

early as three years of age, and between them they have

won more than 300 competition medals.

Performed on a specially-created stage, frozen at minus 15

degrees Celsius, CINDERELLA ON ICE boasts stunning

special effects including fire and rain, flying, magnificent

projected scenery depicting a Siberian town square and a

black and silver art deco theatre, and glorious costumes

from Albina Gabueva, head designer at Moscow’s famed

Stanislavsky Theatre.

In addition, the producers of CINDERELLA ON ICE have

engaged some of the best creative talents available. The

production features one of the most expensive sets ever

created for a theatrical ice show, anywhere in the world,

from one of Australia’s top scenic designers, Eamon


The show took 18 months of pre-production planning, with

a brand new score specially composed for the ice dance

medium, making the production a powerful contemporary

musical genre. The score has been composed by Tim A

Duncan and Edward Barnwell, both highly regarded

contemporary composers, and recorded by the 72-piece

Moscow State Cinematic Orchestra and 10 soloists from

the Manchester Symphony Orchestra.

In this new interpretation of a classic tale, The Imperial Ice

Stars tell the story of Cinderella, a humble chorus dancer

who is thrust into the spotlight as a prima ballerina and

captivates the handsome Lord Mayor’s son, the most

eligible bachelor in town, with her graceful performance.

Despite rival attempts by her stepsisters to steal his heart,

her father the kindly Watchmaker and the Gypsy Fortune

Teller ensure that true love triumphs.

Artistic Director Tony Mercer says “The ‘Cinderella’ story

has been told in many different cultures over many

centuries. I wanted to give our version a new setting while

retaining the ingredients and emotions of this timeless


Enter a world of magic and dazzling skating

brilliance; CINDERELLA ON ICE is an unforgettable

experience, guaranteed to take your breath away!

The perfect Festive Season show for the whole family to


The Artscape Opera House from 10 January to 28 January



Tue – Fri @ 7:30pm, Sat @ 3pm & 7:30pm, Sun @ 2pm &


Tickets @ or (021) 438-3300


“ Exhilarating… dazzling!”


“ A truly spectacular piece of entertainment”


“One of the most exhilarating entertainment spectacles

you will ever witness.”


“The Imperial Ice Stars are to skating what Cirque du

Soleil is to circus – inspiring, original and great






The Imperial Ice Stars have performed to more than 3

million people across five continents and have toured in

Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan,

UK, Germany, Spain, Holland, France, Belgium, Finland,

Monaco, South Africa, Beirut, Israel, China, Italy, Serbia,

Romania, Hungary, Abu Dhabi, Canada, Russia and even

in Cyprus in an outdoor amphitheatre in temperatures of


In Summer 2013 the Imperial Ice Stars performed 4

different shows in 4 consecutive weeks in 4 different

countries! The Nutcracker in Thailand, Swan Lake in Israel,

Cinderella in Abu Dhabi and Sleeping Beauty in the UK

with that stretch of the tour finishing in the West End with

The Nutcracker at The London Palladium. No mean feat for

an International touring company! 

Over the 2014/2015 touring period, a total of 484 visas

applications were filled in by our Company Manager. 

Since the last time we were in South Africa, an average

member of the company has travelled around 115,000


(In a Boeing 747 that would take 230 hrs and is the

equivalent of going around the earth nearly 5 times).  


The Imperial Ice Stars are the only ice skating company to

have won a theatrical award – they were awarded the

Manchester Evening News ‘Best Special Entertainment

Award’ for their production Swan Lake on Ice in 2007. 

Some of the skating moves performed by The Imperial Ice

Stars have never been attempted before, either in

competition or on the stage (not even at the Sochi 2014

Winter Olympics), and are so complex they haven’t been

named yet. 

The performers between them have won over 300

competition medals. 

Some of The Imperial Ice Stars started skating from as

young as three years of age.


44 people tour with the show including performers,

technicians and a doctor with a further 17 people required

in each venue. 

6 languages are spoken on tour, with rehearsals and notes

given mainly in Russian and the backstage crew speaking

mainly in English. 

The performers rehearsed 9 or more hours a day, 6 days a

week, for 7 weeks to pull the show together, and they

rehearse for 3 hours each day before the show. 

There have been 5 weddings and 3 babies from people

who have met whilst on tour with the Imperial Ice Stars. 


25 pairs of skates and 50 sets of blades are carried with

the troupe on tour. 

To freight the whole show is approx. 25,000kg or

equivalent of 70 grand pianos. 

During a year, our flying pieces on stage will move approx

27,000m during shows.   


14 tonnes of ice are created in the production – the same

weight as nearly 3 elephants.

2,500 litres of anti-freeze are used – enough to fill 100 carcooling


The ice reaches temperatures of minus 15 degrees C,

three times colder than your household freezer.

We use 15km of pipes underneath the ice rink to distribute

the anti-freeze.

In a theatre, the ice rink takes over 140 man-hours to build

but only 30 man-hours to dismantle.

The show always requests a hot water supply when

“dressing” the ice rink because hot water freezes quicker

than cold, ie, the Mpemba effect.

In the last year during our show dismantling, there have

been approximately 26,500 shovelfuls of ice deposited from

the stage.


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