Clarendon Collection – Water Update

Guaranteed water for The Clarendon Collection

The Clarendon Collection would like to advise that we now have access to a strong supply of permanent water due to the recent successful exercise of sinking a borehole.

Water was struck at 70 meters, and the borehole has the capacity to produce 5000 litres per hour which is more than enough for the needs of our boutique hotels and it’s guests.

It’s no secret that the South Western Cape and Cape Town have been going through a severe drought and that Cape Town’s water supply needs to be carefully managed. The decent rainfall that the areas catchment has recently received will certainly help to alleviate the pressure on the municipal water grid and we are hopeful that the remaining months ahead (rainy season) will restore the catchment dams to full, or close to full.

With our ever changing global climate conditions we all need to continue to conserve water as a way of life and from a business operations perspective. In addition to the newly sunk borehole, the Clarendon Collection also implemented the below water conservation measures in 2017.

– Rain water collection measures and tanks
– Grey water reticulation system
– Water conserving shower heads, as well as water saving devices throughout the plumbing system.

The newly sunk borehole, coupled with our additional water conservation measures now afford the Clarendon collection and it’s guests an almost 0% impact on the City of Cape Town municipal water grid. The water saved can now assist the City of Cape Town to use that water for more pressing socio-economic water dependent needs.

Click here to view a short video that captures the moment when the Clarendon Collection struck water.

Superior Suite

Clarendon Bantry Bay – Superior Suite

Clarendon Fresnaye - Family Suite, Main Bedroom

Clarendon Fresnaye – Family Suite, Main Bedroom

Its important that we let the world know that Cape Town and Southern Africa is open for business, so please feel free to distribute this far and wide. We look forward to welcoming your guests soon.

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