Deetlefs Virtual Wine Tasting

Deetlefs Virtual Wine Tasting

Deetlefs Wine Estate, situated in the picturesque Breedekloof (Rawsonville), is the 2nd oldest wine estate in South Africa under ownership of the same family, established in 1822 and will celebrate their 200 years of existence in 2022. For more information about Deetlefs Wine Estate visit

The landscape of conducting a wine tasting with clients are changing with Covid-19, and exciting times are ahead.  The Deetlefs Virtual Wine Tastings are fun and informative and the best part is you can do it on your own or online with a group of friends, each in the comfort of their own home.

Cost per household: 6 Wines @ R450, which is 50% off our cellar-door price, delivered to your door free of charge.

Amount of family/friends that can join: As many as you like! Each household will receive their tasting stock, delivered to their door, for the virtual tasting to enjoy together.

What we will send to each house:
Zoom login details for the group.
6 bottles of wine selected by us.
Cellar Door price list.

What you will need:
3 glasses & 1 champagne flute glass per person
Wi-Fi and the Zoom app (can be on your computer or phone)
A passion for wine and an open mind!

To book your Virtual Tasting contact Bea Liebenberg at / 082 808 0879

It will truly be an experience you will never forget!

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