Private Luxury Personal Training

With Adele one of our personal trainers you will enjoy the best use of a private facility and first-rate training equipment. You will experience the finest personal training Cape Town has to offer. The environment, personal attention, equipment, and a lot of other important factors come together at the Waterfront Training Facility to create a highly effective personal training solution.

All these, in the end, are tools to be used for your training objectives. Adele adds to the equation the invaluable personal attention, making you the focus of her extraordinary competence, experience and passion for health & fitness. Achieving your personal training goals becomes easy

Before you sign up, you are encouraged to visit Adele for a free training session and see the private facility. Experiencing the place first-hand will show you how conducive it is for your training. The spacious location has been created to keep the client’s training motivated, focused and well on their way to achieving their goals. You will not be disturbed during your training sessions so you can enjoy complete privacy as you work out.

Whatever your age, it will not take long before you begin to see your shape, tone and fitness improve, and you will experience increased levels of energy. Better posture and core strength will give you greater confidence – friends will see a new invigorated “you”.

So regardless of what you goals are, you can achieve them as inevitable benefits of Adele’s private luxury personal training program

  • Quick Weight Loss
  • Slimmer Waste and Legs
  • Overall Body Fat Loss
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Improved Coordination
  • Enhanced Libido, Sexual Appeal and Performance
  • More Energy
  • High Self-Esteem
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning and Fitness
  • Better Endurance
  • Better Looking Skin
  • Improved Sports Performance
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Stronger Immunity to Sickness and Diseases
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety

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