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This new state-of-the-art beach bungalow with a granite seawall on two sides has an uninterrupted view across the waters in front to Lions Head and behind is the magnificent world heritage site of Table Mountain. To enjoy this magnificent setting, the bungalow is fitted with glass windows on every side. Landscape wonders like Lion’s Head are visible from the kitchen, living room, main bedroom and even the bathroom!

The house physically abuts the sea such that indoors you feel very much part of the outdoors. You can slide back all the glass doors and then the house becomes part of the rocks, beach and seascape. Luxurious but not pretentious – the house blends into this environment and allows you to experience it in the most relaxed way.

The house is private when you want it and is open to nature as and when you wish it. It is very green as well (solar panels, water recycling).



Wooden decks all around leading to a private entertainment area that includes a Jacuzzi hot tub recessed into the deck, seating, table, a pagoda/gazebo, barbecue and sink

Two bedrooms (master and guest)—all with views and an optional bedroom now furnished as an offIce

Two bathrooms, one with a bidet, large tub and a boulder on one side to form the wall

The gorgeous open plan kitchen has magnificent views with all the works (gas stove, microwave and convection oven, icemakers, etc.)

Wireless internet throughout the property

Flat screen HD TV in all the rooms with satellite and built in speakers for music throughout the house

Beautiful gardens (including some with herbs for cooking)

An outdoor shower nestled among the boulders on the property

A garage available

A large basement with washer/dryer, bathroom and other amenities (perfect for production companies doing photo shoots

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