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Ambienz Luxury
Ambienz's Anthony and Norman

Who are we?

Anthony Smith and Norman Adlam are the brains and the brawn behind Ambienz Concierge. This Cape Town-based team has international reach, experience, and expertise to cater to the demands of the most strenuous clients.


A passion for personalised service, par excellence, is the common ground for Anthony and Norman. Anthony has a background in hospitality and real estate, while Norman racked up years of management experience in retail before they decided to team up.


They are the epitome of the upmarket international concierge. They know people. They know how to manage their wants and needs, how to problem solve, how to think ahead and how to deliver seemingly impossible requests for clients who are used to getting what they want and when they want it.

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What we do best

What sets them apart? A desire to please, without being submissive. Ambienz Bespoke Concierge, Cape Town offers an utterly personalised, exclusive service designed to satisfy the needs and wants of every client. From protecting VIP guests from intrusive paparazzi to advising against tourist traps in favour of arranging a smooth and leisurely exploration of Cape Town and surrounds. Ambienz Bespoke Concierge, Cape Town, is the best in the business. In essence, what they do is take the pain out of navigating the challenges of daily life, be they for business or leisure. Retain their services and you’ll soon see why.

Ambienz's Anthony and Norman

Our Personal Concierge Services

How we approach the brief

Director Anthony Smith and partner Norman Adlam will book and arrange all local and international travel and transport, recommend the finest restaurants (and get those sought-after bookings), secure the best accommodation and function venues, book wine tours and private cruises, and the list goes on. And should you be in the market to invest in real estate, we can facilitate the purchase on your behalf - find out more here.


It's their can-do attitude that allows his company, Ambienz Bespoke Concierge, to be all things to all people in the consistently demanding luxury service industry. That, and the ability to read clients well, supreme problem-solving acumen, round-the-clock availability, discretion, and a sense of humour.

Ambienz Luxury
Ambienze Tailor Made Solutions

Tailor Made Solutions

Anthony will arrange a one-on-one meeting with clients to learn more about their background, country of origin, interests, and hobbies to tailor-make appropriate itineraries. His approach is simple, really. Bend over backwards to give clients a memorable experience. Be discreet. Listen. Think out of the box. Find the unfindable. Make things happen, if necessary, on the go.


But to do that, it’s often about who you know. That Little Black Book. Anthony taps into his trusted and industry expert connections to make anything happen. Anthony will find what you need in a matter of minutes – within bounds of course. Some requests may be a matter for a PA, and these carefully deflected. Respecting boundaries.

Signal Hill Cape Town South Africa

What our clients get


One international high-end fashion client says of the Ambienz offering: ‘Very few local service providers have an understanding of the international standard, or are willing to adapt. We look for people who can follow a brief, within a budget, of course, always; who are willing to fit in with our requirements without being fussy and pretentious; who can contribute their own ideas, within the parameters of the project; and who try to make a plan. Those are the people who work for us.’

On the other hand, he’s had people wanting to fly onto Table Mountain and refusing to accept that local legislation stands in their way. Some people think there’s nothing money can’t buy. Or they’re simply pushing the boundary. The outcome is a recommendation in itself, and that’s what this business is all about.

(By Debbie Hathway, previously published in Private Edition magazine)

What our clients say

Thank you very much for the bottle of wine and for the discount cash which we received today from the reception desk. I would like to thank you for your great service and we look forward to deal with you again if we, or any of our friends, come to South Africa in the future.

Magdi Michail (London)

Anthony, I have no words to explain how grateful I am for every single little thing you did for me these past couple of months. Thank you SO much. I honestly do not know how to repay you for all your time and effort and thank you for being such an incredible sounding board and place of calm in my storm. Katlego was exceptionally happy in the end, as was every person who attended the party. Thank you for making that possible. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart. BIG hugs.

Fabrizia Degli Esposti | 20 Across | PR | Publicity | Cape Town

Guys thank you so much for making such a big difference to our trip. We had a great time thanks to your contribution. We were lucky to find you and left everything in your very capable hands. We strongly recommend anyone going to Cape Town and/or South Africa to follow Anthony and Norman’s guidance / suggestions as their contacts, sense of clients needs, attention to detail and performance are second to none. Thanks again for the fantastic support! 

Vasilis Koutroulis (Greece)

Our Clients

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