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Diamonds are the world’s most desirable treasure – and the oldest, with origins over three billion years ago. South Africa’s contribution to that history changed the world diamond industry forever. This South African Diamond Museum is simply a must see. The Cape Town Diamond Museum pays homage to this extraordinary story, with insight and originality, sophistication and style. Make sure to include this elegant, South African museum as part of your visit to the V & A Waterfront, Cape Town. Get your complementary Voucher with Ambienz Bespoke Concierge.


Discover the world’s most famous diamonds with life size replicas on display.The Cullinan. The Hope. The Taylor Burton. These are some of the most well known, most breathtaking and most valuable diamonds in the world. The museum affords you the opportunity to appreciate their beauty and understand their fame, up close and personal.


Learn more about South African diamonds and explore the history of the South African diamond rush and where it all began. The discovery of South African Diamonds in 1867 sparked a historic diamond rush, and had a profound impact on the diamond world: within a decade, 95% of all diamonds were coming from South Africa. Explore the romance and realities of this fascinating era as we trace the stunning rise and famous rivalries of the local diamond industry.


Learn how rough diamonds are transformed into creations of fire and light.

The museum takes you on a journey that begins with a diamonds formation, deep inside the earth’s crust. There, intense heat and pressure create the hardest known substance on earth. But these rough stones must still be delicately cut and polished before their exquisite beauty is revealed and they are, finally, set in pieces of timeless jewellery.

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